Background of NEDO

Namuja Orthonoitik Unnayan Sangstha, Popular as NEDO is a modern effective and gender conscious people’s organization, Specially an organization for the rural poor women,  NEDO formed with the initiative of a few committed individuals and Social worker of Namuja union of Bogra district for self development of the target group people and to arise their condition above poverty level through applying various methods and techniques.

In 2000 Md. Rafiqul Islam, General Secretary and also Executive Director of NEDO, himself well known as a social worker and Educationist provided necessary leadership to informing the organization and leading NEDO to achieve its cherished goal, with the active co-operation of Mr, Abdul Mannan, Chairman, Executive Committee, NEDO along with all associates and marching ahead since hear about two decades with definite commitment, NEDO primarily selects Bogra District, then gradually be expanded its Branch to other area of Bangladesh by the permission of GOB.

NEDO has commitment ot its target group members. This commitment has espoused to put a half in further denegation of socio-economic conditions of its target group members, who were plunged into extreme poverty and to bring a positive change in their life by reaming poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, prejudice and religions superstation from the rural society.